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Over the past 25 years, libraries have drastically evolved to suite the needs of the times with a change from printed material to digital, with e-books and the internet. A Transfer has occurred from an information resource storage space to a general living space devoted not only for private study but for collaboration and community space. The main cause of this change has been due to technological advancements, and over the next 20 years further changes can be predicted with technology continuing to improve. With environmental sustainability becoming as prevalent as ever a greater push for low energy consumption and greater use of renewable energy a complete switch from printed books to digital could be assumed. With climate change and environmental preservation being the forefront of people’s mind in sustainability, reducing the amount of paper used would make a positive impact on the environment. Having all sources of information being online and easier to access, the use of e-books and other digital means of information will increase. The energy these consume do have a toll on the environment also but, with renewable energy improving, the impact on the environment would be far less significant than that of continuing to produce printed text.

Librarians and clerks have provided a service for as long as libraries have existed themselves. Some of the duties librarians have include; cataloging, which is ordering the libraries resources into categories and resources so that navigating the material is much more straight forward as well as frequently updating them with new material. Libraries also are responsible for administrative duties of the like, checking in and out of library material and maintaining the buildings resources. Over the past libraries were a necessity to have but with almost everything slowly becoming autonomous the use of librarians are becoming less relevant. Self-checkout is already a method used in supermarkets and other various stores and in the future a similar system may be adopted in libraries as well. This would mean librarians may no longer be required to check in a out each individuals books manually. Locating specific library material is a challenge for uses of the library and clerks were there to guide you on where to go. However with newer technologies, even this function of the librarian may not be as useful as larger scale gps and mapping is improving the future 20 years could have an online system, whether it be on your personal device or an automated system in the library that directly locates the source of information you are looking for. 

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