Essays on Light

Types Of Light And Their Importance In Human Life

Light Johann Ritter is best known for his discovery of ultraviolet light in 1801. A year earlier, in 1800, William Hershel discovered light. This was the first time that a form of light beyond visible light had been detected. The first practical electric light which was the carbon arc was invented by Humphry Davy around...
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Artificial Lighting Technology And Ecological Light Pollution

The invention of artificial lighting technology is a product of the diurnal nature of man. Human’s continuous pursuit of illuminating the night has led to light pollution which occurs when artificial light is improperly or excessively used. Astronomical light pollution causes difficulties in observing astronomical objects because of the increased nighttime illumination while ecological light...
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Fluorescent Light Scientific Essay: Fluorescent Lighting Is Not Healthy

Claim Fluorescent lighting is not healthy and should be eliminated from public and private places. Rationale In order to investigate the claim and establish evidence for the research question, the key terms of the claim must be defined. The claim states that fluorescent lighting is not healthy and thus should be eliminated, making the key...
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