Essays on Listening

Listening In Studying Foreign Language: Literature Review

1. According to Istiqomah A (2016) International language is English, so it is very important to learn in this global era. English became a foreign language and a subject in Indonesia. In other words, Language especially English is a tool used to built or create communication and has influenced people around the world, therefore language...
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Social Listening: The Main Idea

What is Social Listening? Introduction: There is no wonder that social media platform plays a vital role in every field. It is possible to establish a connection with others through social media. Nowadays, every business people wants to connect with their target customer and want to know about their tastes or preferences. To achieve this...
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The Reason That Makes Listening So Basic To Coaching

Reflective Essay: Listening Listening is the foundation of coaching. Throughout the work on the PCD, I was able to experience how basic this skill is to being a good coach. That’s why I chose it to be the topic of the third reflective essay in which I will discuss the merits of being non-judgemental. I...
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