Essays on Literary Criticism

Literary Criticism Of Horace & Longinus

Horace Quintus Horatius Flaccus or better known by the name Horace is a world famous poet and critic who uses the Latin language. He is the leading Roman poet in ancient Roman times. Horace is famous for his insinuations in the form of criticism poured through the poems he made. Horace who was born on...
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Literary Criticism of Ernest Hemingway's Works

Modern American and fiction have been altered due to the contributions of Ernest Hemmingway. Through his minimalistic writing style, Hemmingway instigated a conversation about masculinity, war, and the individual perspective of time. By addressing convoluted themes such as masculinity, Hemmingway created a shift in writing from elaborate to simple and direct fiction. Hemingway influenced modern...
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The Purpose Of Literary Critics

A literary critic is someone who evaluates literature to provide a comparison or analysis subjected to their own opinion. They provoke debate, discussion and evaluate works, contemporary or historical, and provide a judgment on various criteria as to which books have been most successful and therefore, are deserving of an accolade. Much debate has arisen...
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