Essays on Literary Genre

Freedom in Poem Exile by Julia Alvarez: Poetry Analysis Essay

The theme of a written work is known as the moral or lesson meant to be learned from that certain work. That varies from every written work to the next one, so themes often rely on the literary techniques that the author’s use. Authors can use any literary techniques such as similes and onomatopoeia to...
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Fantasy Genre: Imaginative Dreamworld Lifestyle In Films, Stories And Television Show

Everybody likes to escape from the real world. Some find it difficult while others live in their imagination. This imaginative dreamworld lifestyle is best escaped to within the fantasy genre. Another description of fantasy, is any work that contains magic or unrealistic settings, normally set in an alternate universe, or involving mythical creatures and supernatural...

The Root Of English Dramatization

The root of English dramatization appears dubious. There’s no certain prove demonstrating its root. It can be followed back from century of succeeding Norman Victory to Britain. Many students of history accept that dramatization came to Britain alongside them. Dramatization is the shape of structure plan for execution within the theater, where the performing artists...
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I Am Legend By Richard Matheson: Plot Summary

American scientist, Robert Neville, is a lone human survivor living in the ruins of New York City three years after an initially promising cancer cure turns into a virus that wipes out humanity. Faithfully sending out radio messages every day and wandering the streets for food and supplies with family dog, Samantha, Robert is desperate...
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