Living at Home Versus Living at Hostel: Comparative and Contrast Essay

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“No! I want to live at home.” That is what students will say when their parent asks them to live in the hostel. Most students will react like that but not for all students. Some student likes to live in hostel. There is lot of reason for that. Same goes for the parent. Some parent wants their daughter or son to live in hostel but some parent want their child to stay at home because they can take care of them their selves. So, here I will compare and contast our topic today which is living at home vs living in hostel.

The similarities between living at home and living at hostel are both of the places are convenience. Whether it is home or hostel they provide almost the same things that a students need. The most important things that are provided are bed room, study room, toilet, and other. Students should not have a problem to fit in hostel because it is almost the same as home. With all the things given, student can study well.

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Other than that, living in both places has no different because both places provide food for student. It is the most important thing out of all things. At home, there is our mother that always cooks for their child while at hostel; the hostel provides food for student five times a day. A healthy food can make a good and healthy student. It is because without a healthy food, students cannot function well. In addition, breakfast is the most important meal of the day to give student the energy they need to focus at school. Whether it is home or hostel, food provided are always good and delicious and will suite the students taste.

The differences between living at home and living at hostel are social skills. When we live at hostel, we will meet a lot of people with the vary personality whether they are the same age as us or our junior and senior. We will start to learn a lot of things from a different people. Our social skills will immediately improve because if you want to survive at hostel you need to become talkative and get friends as much as you can. Friends are really important there. Different at home, our social skill will not immediately improve. It takes time.

Living at hostel can make the student get a good grade. Unlike living at home, it will be hard to get a good grade. It is because, when the student stay at home, they will not study well. There are a lot of things that interest them than studying. In addition, at home they have their own phone. Most of the student nowadays are addicted to social media like instagram or whatsapp and some of them are addicted to game in their phone like pubg. There are no time for them to study because of their habit and it will cause a bad grade. Unlike living at hostel, there are no phone that can distracted them. So, it will be no problem for the student to focus in their studies. There are also a lot of friend and senior that can help them if they have problem with their studies. A good grade are must if they keep doing a good job.

In conclusion, the important things is depend on the student itself. Whether it is home or hostel, student is the one who will decide for their future. No one can interrupt when it come to our future because they will face it alone. They will decide which path they want to take whether it is good or bad. Both of places have their own advantages and disadvantages. Home is where family is and hostel is where friend is. We cannot deny its important in our life. The memories that are created is important.


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