Essays on Loneliness

Theme of Loneliness in Of Mice and Men: Critical Analysis

Loneliness is an unavoidable part of life, which many people struggle with. It is an emotional response to a lack of companionship and communication with others, which has a huge impact on one’s behavior. Some individuals may try to end their loneliness; others become hopeless and resentful. The theme of loneliness is presented in John...

Loneliness in College: Thematic Analysis of Experience of Creating Friendships in First Year University

Abstract The social transition from college to university can feel lonely and isolating due to the large amount of changes happening, leaving family, their home, and friends. By using a thematic analysis of a semi-structured interview transcript on a first-year university student living in halls, it was found that moving to university can feel like...

Analytical Essay on Social Infrastructure: Modern Pandemics of Loneliness

Currently, we are in an unprecedented situation. Never have our everyday normal activities taken such a toll on the immediate society. We are all asked to self-isolate within our homes. While for some this means limiting your physical interactions within your immediate family, for some other that has meant to have any physical contact being...
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