Essays on Los Angeles

Battle of Los Angeles: Evidence Towards And Against The Conspiracy Theory

Abstract The essay provides evidence towards and against the conspiracy theory created about the Battle of Los Angeles that extra-terrestrial objects hovered the sky of Los Angeles and the anti-aircraft guns fired 1400 rounds of anti-aircraft artillery towards it. The research provided information that a memo was discovered claiming the existence of two unidentified aircraft....
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Pershing Square In Los Angeles: Analysis Of Architecture

As a settlement, Pershing Square precedes the existence of Downtown Los Angeles, which was formally established in 1917. In the late 1860’s, the park served as an arena for the representation and rallying of the politically driven leftist members of Los Angeles’ working class and ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Speeches were frequently held in the square...
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Las Vegas, Los Angeles And San Francisco: Tourist Destinations and Attractions Group Project

Introduction USA west Have a lot of popular tourism cities, we choose three cities to explore, they are Nevada Las Vegas, California Los Angeles, San Francisco These three cities have different characteristics that make these cities very popular. Nowadays, the geographical resources and Destination mix affects the tourism popularity, the components are Attractions, Amenities /...
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Los Angeles International Airport: Case Study

Abstract This research project will explore Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and present information on its facility, organization and future. LAX is one of the largest airports in the United States and is home to many of the largest carriers in the world. These include US Airway, Delta, United, Hawaiian, and Alaskan to name a...
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