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Sociology of Love: Analysis on the Base of Study Conducted by Gabb and Fink

In my essay, I am going to discuss the sociology of love using the study conducted by Gabb and Fink, in which they use multiple research methods of relationships behaviours and personal lives. They are a continuous obligation which relies on steady maintenance, nurturing and assurances from each participant. Sociology is the scientific study of...
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Science Behind Love and Defining Falling in Love: Analytical Essay

Introduction Falling in love is the development of strong feelings of attachment and love, usually towards another person. This essay may explain, “Can love be studied scientifically? And the interpersonal attraction and the development of relationships.” Many research studies have been proven that mostly the “love” works from the physiology side, and will define how...
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A Father's Love and It's Long-Term Effects: Analytical Essay

Introduction to a father’s love Parental Love is the affection shown towards your children, parental love is shown when a parent is supportive and loving towards their children. This research essay is focusing mainly on the aspect of a father’s love towards his child as all three of the sources used are from a father’s...
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Love as a Cause of Suffering in Twelfth Night

Shakespeare’s play of ‘Twelfth night,’ globe production, and it’s a modern interpretation, the movie ‘She’s the Man,’ both showcase how ‘Love’ is a subject of pain and torment. It is portrayed as a destructive tool able to completely destroy a person. The character often sees love as something of a curse, something that is placed...
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Critical Analysis Love from a Sociologist Perspective

Essay Question – Love. Love in a general sense, can be defined as “an intense feeling of deep affection” (Oxford Dictionary). There are several sub-types of love including “brotherly love, care for another human, unconditional love, erotic love, self-love, and love of God’ (Fromm, 1956). Love can be interpreted and expressed in different ways, depending...
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Reflection on Romance, Love and Attraction: Opinion Essay

Romance is “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love” (Q.Miller). At certain ages, it distracts people because it is an issue for them. They do not react in a way that communicates to them the special reality of what romance is. In some cases, the communication between partners is associated with the trade...
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Chemistry Of Love: Changes in the Body and Mind

Abstract Falling in love has unnoticeable yet extreme effects on the way we function as human beings and ever since the dawn of time, people have tried to explain this phenomenon. Being in love actually changes the physiology of our brain and alter the biochemical balance of our Human body. We experience distress, anxiety and...
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