Essays on Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson And The Voting Rights Act

Selma is a historical drama film following the 1965 marches for voting rights from Selma to Montgomery. The film shows how men of color were being discriminated against and racially segregated in certain areas despite the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which makes it difficult for black citizens to vote. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr....
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Lyndon B. Johnson: The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy

As new evidence emerges on widely debated topics over time, contestability arises; leaving room for more interpretations and theories. Such is the case with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Over the past few decades, many historians have put forth their interpretations on who orchestrated the assassination. American author and professor of history from...
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Lyndon B. Johnson: The Civil Rights Act Of 1964

The civil rights act of 1964 was passed under Lyndon b. Johnson, following the death of the former president john f. Kennedy. The act that would ban public discrimination on the premises of race, gender, color, religion, and nationality. This would also allow all men to vote freely. In succeeding of the civil war, a...
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