Mahatma Gandhi And His Influence On The Surface Of The World

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“You must be the change you want to see in the world”. (Gandhi). No one should leave the world without leaving behind a legacy, without showing the world that they have been placed on it for a reason. Mahatma Gandhi did exactly that. He did not lift his finger when he was enraged with anger. Leading the nation of India, the people who followed him treated him as if he was a king. Gandhi gave everything, his clothes, his life, his humanity, to give India freedom. The impact that Gandhi made on India is significant, changing the world today. Every single human being is affected by the people around them, Gandhi affected nations. His actions had taken place decades ago, but the importance of those actions are equivalently important today as they were in the past. He gave India everything they strived for: independence, he changed mindsets influencing people around him and spread the idea of non-violence all changing the way the world is today.

India pleaded for one thing back before Gandhi stepped foot on the surface of that nation, after he left they got what they asked for showing that the change in India is outstanding. Gandhi gave India freedom, they are no longer controlled by. Before Gandhi led the independence movement, the people of India were forced to live their lives the way wanted them to. Gandhi led an independence march dedicated to non violence risking his left eventually imprisoning him for 25 years. He did not eat for his nation, for equality, for freedom. Ghandi created his own clothing using the spinning wheel that was later incorporated into the flag of India because without this one man, India would never be the same. India was forced to pay tax to gain the salt that they needed but Gandhi wasn’t going to let that stand and be pushed around like a can of garbage, he was human and he demanded to be treated like one. The people of India, over 6,000 of them followed Gandhi on a Salt March for 240 miles to the Arabian Sea to gain their own salt without having to pay tax for it. Today, India is free, they no longer have to pay for their salt, be told what to do, how to act or what to wear. (Bolan, K) Ghandi believed that women are no different than men. They’re human. They’re walking this Earth they have a smile they shouldn’t be forced to hide it. They aren’t only good for cooking and cleaning, putting food on the table and staying at home all day when the men go out and live a real life. Ghandi believed that they should vote, they should be able to read and educate. They should be wanted so Gandhi wrote this in “Young India”. He let the people of the world know that there is a flaw in it and it should be fixed. Today, women are no longer scared to fight for that they love. ( There was always a barrier between the Muslims and the Hindu’s. Gandhi wanted to tear that barrier down and put up a bridge that connected both worlds. He sacrificed his life for it, for making a land free so all people can join together and in harmony. He was so close. Until he was shot by his own religion, by the person he fought for, the person he sacrificed his life for, a Hindu. After he left the world, today, India is split into two nations, Pakistan and India. All of India has been modified and without Gandhi, it would never be the same. (CROSSETTE, B).

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People such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Albert Einstein altered the world we live in learning from Mahatma Gandhi. He created a chain reaction, he have the people of the world proof that they can do whatever they want if they put their mind to it, peacefully. Martin Luther King Jr. undeniably got his inspiration by Gandhi, he did almost the exact same thing in the same way that Gandhi had done but instead for a different purpose. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. both led moments, got successes using their methods of non violence, although Gandhi inspired millions of people all around the world, Martin luther King Jr. took his inspiration of Non violence teachings and put it towards his goals. (Anna Hazare) Martin luther King Jr. may have not influenced the Civil Rights Movement without violence if it weren’t for Gandhi, he may have never even impacted it at all. ( Gandhi was a man that even the greatest people on earth such as Albert Einstein looked up to. Albert Einstein is known to be the greatest scientist that ever walked the planet. He didn’t need anything but Ghandi still gave him something. Albert Einstein wrote Gandhi a letter that said “You have shown that we can achieve the ideal even without resorting to violence” Albert Einstein wanted to thank Gandhi for showing the world that anything is possible without yelling and screaming. Although influential people were affected by Gandhi, everyday people simply walking on the streets had been influenced as well. (Open Culture) People saw Gandhi as ‘one of the greatest human beings.’ (Bolan, K) They would support him day and night through all of it. “He was being thrown in jail for his actions. Whenever I heard there was a meeting with him, I would go. I supported him.’ (Bolan, K) People stuck by Gandhi through everything. People would write books to spread the knowledge of Gandhi. These books are the same ones that we read today. (THE NEW, YORK TIMES)

Doesn’t matter how many years ago Gandhi did what he did, it the fact that he did it, people today are still affected by his actions, by his non violence. After Gandhi passed away people couldn’t believe it, the way he went, by whom he went. From his own kind, a Hindu used the most violent source of death. A trigger was pulled, he was shot. The people of India remained in shock and disappointment. All Gandhi did was spread the idea of non violence. People were utterly disgusted in the way that Gandhi had died. No one could believe that Gandhi was shot dead, and by his own Indian kind. (Open Culture)A little girl pulled her fathers shirt and balled her eyes knowing Gandhi had passed. Everybody was struck by a single man’ death. (Bolan, K) After Gandhi used his methods of non violence people around the world are declining their use of violence, words, actions, shooting or any form of violence. (Open Culture) Any form of criminal activity declined in 40% almost half, and the amount of non violence actions have increased as well. People nonetheless still fight and argue but they don’t do it through violence. Thanks to Gandhi, they express their emotions through peace more often today.(CROSSETTE, B) Peaceful protests are shooting up around the world. People still express their opinions, they still have the want to amend something that isn’t right through their eyes, the same way Gandhi did. But, people have learned to do so without pitchforks and torches. A man had dressed up, in poor clothing and circular classes, similar to what Gandhi wore, before the man had gone to protest peacefully. Ghandi forever changed the way the world reacts, adding a hint of non violence to their choices. (Nationalgeographic)

Gandhi has undoubtedly changed the surface of the world and without him we wouldn’t be here the way we are today. He gave India the one thing they strive so long for and he didn’t do that violently. His idea of a nonviolent philosophy spread so people decades into the future. (Anna Hazare) People like Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world greaty after following the methods from Ghandi. The world we live in today has been altered and modified by the words and actions of Mahatma Gandhi.


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