Main Reasons Of Urbanization

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There are two main reasons for urbanization in the developing world are the natural increase in the population and the rural to urban migration. A natural increase in population and rural to urban migration. Peoples migration to towns and cities in hope of gaining a slandered life. Natural population increase and rural to urbanization. urbanization affects all sizes of settlements from small villages to towns and cities which have more than ten million people. The natural increase in population;

Rural to urban migrations; countries’ urbanization occurs when people move from the village to the cities for better living conditions .the people moving from one place to another place for better living is known as migration. In developing if people attracted to the countryside is a pull factor and if people move away from the countryside is a push factor.

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Effects of urbanization

Most the persons notice only the negative effects of urbanization like increase in population, pollution increases, lack of resources,s, and social inequality. And some other negative effects like air pollution, no space to build new house building, joblessness, water problems health issues, traffic problems.


Urbanization affects the physical environment through the impact of a number of people on their activities and the increased demands on resources. Urban consequences on health are due mainly to pollution and overcrowded living condition. It can also put added pressure on the food supply system.

Impacts of urbanization

Town and cities are an essential part of the national economy. The education and health and social services and the cultural activities are more availed in the city people than the village. Cities are better in health care. Positive impacts of urbanization: Better education system, More health facilities, More cultural activities, social services and many other services available, And the cities have a more advanced transportation system, And improved technology and advanced communication networks, In simple words urbanization means a better and easier life for the peoples of the urban area. Spread of the modern technology systems. Social and cultural addition. Increases productivity and economic growth. Increases public awareness.

Negative impacts of urbanization: changes in consumption will lead to various health complications. Loss of the tradition and the culture. Crime rate increase. Increase in the price of land. Change in the structure of the family system. Increases cost of living. Unemployment. Pollution. Psychological problems like stress. Increase lifestyle diseases. Overpopulation causing many problems.                                                                                                                   


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