Essays on Malaria

The Aspects Of Treatment Of Malaria

Disease summary I have decided to investigate malaria in Africa. I chose Africa as it accounts for the highest global malarial burden (World Health Organization, 2019). In 2017, this region was home to “92% of malarial cases, and 93% of malarial deaths” (WHO, 2019). The vector-borne disease is transmitted through the bite of infected female...
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All Aspects Which Are Related To The Malaria

What is it? Malaria is a vector-borne infectious disease that can be life-threatening. It is a well-known infectious disease that is contracted by humans through the mosquito vector. Fortunately, not all mosquitoes are vectors for Malaria – only female Anopheles mosquitos. The bottom line is that Malaria is a dangerous disease that causes widespread damage....
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Malaria As A Serious Issue

What if you were sick, at home, with malaria, in immense pain with no healthcare so you cannot recover. This is the situation that millions of people live in right now. The background to this problem is that hundreds of thousands of people are contracting and succumbing to this horrific disease. Malaria is a disease...
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Difficulties That Can Be Faced During The Fight With Malaria

The outbreak in Franklin village   In this carefully drafted and well-thought-out essay, I will be addressing the terrible outbreak of a dangerous disease called malaria in Franklin village. Franklin Village is a village in Kenya. This village is populated by around 500 people. A quarter of them are families with at least 2 children...
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Spreading Of Malaria In Franklin Village

FRANKLIN VILLAGE AT RISK OF ANOTHER OUTBREAK OF MALARIA Franklin Village, a village located in the heart of Africa, faces another outbreak of malaria. According to Africa check 2014, malaria is a part of the top 5 causes of death in Africa today, it is so infectious that it kills approximately 781,000 per year. Malaria...
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Detection Of Malaria Disease Using Convolutional Neural Network

Abstract: In the modern era, people are affected by different types of health issues; one of them is Malaria which may be incipient among all aged people. Malaria is a major disease which may be infected by female mosquito bite and it is spread from one people to another by using mosquitoes. The traditional mechanism...
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Malaria: General Description

Malaria is an infection caused by the Plasmodium parasite and spread via the bite of an infected female Anopheles mosquito . It is typically characterised with symptoms of fever, chills, feeling unwell and can potentially be life threatening if early treatment is not perused . In 2015, Tu was awarded the shared Nobel Prize in...
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Malaria In Afghanistan

Malaria is one of the most significant contagious disease in the world. World Health Organization gives an estimation that 300-500 million cases of malaria exist yearly. Additionally, 2-3 million people dies in response to it. Malaria is a disease that caused by a protozoan parasite called Plasmodium and transmitted to human through an infected female...
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