Malaria As A Serious Issue

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What if you were sick, at home, with malaria, in immense pain with no healthcare so you cannot recover. This is the situation that millions of people live in right now. The background to this problem is that hundreds of thousands of people are contracting and succumbing to this horrific disease. Malaria is a disease that attacks the body and kills red blood cells after people are bitten by an infected mosquito. This leads to people losing days of their life or dying of this disease, and therefore, we need to help them. India must be the first country to implement the use of genetically engineered mosquitos to save the lives of millions in India. In this speech, I will talk about 2 main reasons. Firstly, malaria kills over half a million people every year and this is a dire case, and secondly, that the economy, people, politics, and the environment suffer horribly from this terrible disease and we need to fix this now.

Foremost, thousands of people die from malaria every year and this is not right. That means, in theory, if nobody was born from now on, everyone would have died from malaria alone, in 140 years! Imagine that! Malaria needs urgent attention as the crisis is reaching its emergency point and now rates have been steadily rising for people infected by this horrendous disease. This is because of the rising rates of bacterial and insect resistance to malaria. The world already has enough crises on its hand and malaria should not be one of them. The number of people that are affected by malaria is too high and needs to be reduced. We must act now because so many people are dying every day. If we do not stop all these people from dying, every economic and social sphere would plummet. This is because workdays are lost. This is because social relationships are ruined. This is because people are dying. All of this is from malaria. Malaria kills thousands a year and this needs to be stopped, right now.

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Furthermore, the economy, politics, and the environment suffer from an enormous burden. The economy suffers severe economic pressure because everyone is sick, and the country and cities inside lose money. Nobody wants to lose money. This is not right. Politicians spend too much of their time debating with each other about meaningless causes and minor problems. However, many politicians also abuse their position for their own benefit. If this hadn’t occurred and the governments talked about and solved problems like malaria, we as citizens wouldn’t have this problem today. We cannot change the decisions made by the governments, so we must change what we do to help solve this situation. Additionally, the environment is slowly wasting away due to malaria and some of the current treatments. One of these treatments is the spraying of toxic insecticides. These insecticides are incredibly harmful to the environment because they are in the category of POP’s (Persistent organic pollutants). These can stay in the atmosphere, water, and animal tissue for over 50 years! This causes chronic health effects and is incredibly harmful to the ozone layer. The environment suffers terrible impacts from malaria. Therefore, the economy, politics, and environment suffer severely from malaria.

However, some might say that this is not much of an issue because there are bigger problems such as climate change or heart disease, but I strongly disagree with such a statement because malaria is one of the many contributors to all these problems. This is appalling and is it right to focus on other problems when 1 child dies every minute? Some people also argue that it is the people’s fault to live in such places where the mosquitos live but humans make the places where these mosquitos live by leaving footprints or digging wells. Experts say that the only way to stop malaria from having such an impact on the world is to get rid of it. And that is why malaria is so bad.

So, in summary, malaria is so bad because it kills so many people and that it has enormous impacts on the people, politics, the environment, and the economy. Therefore, India must be the first country to implement the use of Genetically engineered mosquitos to save the lives of millions. If one child dies every minute, I ask you is it not ethical to use this amazing technology that we have available? Something must be done. We need to use our technology and planning to make malaria, for once and for all, Buzz Off! 


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