Essays on Malcolm Gladwell

Analysis Of Blink: The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking By Malcolm Gladwell

The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (“Blink”), the author Malcolm Gladwell, looks at thought processes when making decisions and how one’s instinct, snap judgments and first impression can be more effective than analytical thought. Gladwell’s book is based on the process of rapid cognition, where he investigates what happens when one’s brain firsts perceives a...
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The Concept Of Shopping In The Science Of Shopping By Malcolm Gladwell

Shopping is normally something in which is very relaxing and easygoing. Most people can spend hours and hours shopping and genuinely enjoy being in the environment. In the essay, “The Science of Shopping” written by Malcolm Gladwell, Gladwell explains how shoppers, when shopping, like touching the clothes to see how it feels or would feel...
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The Science Of Shopping By Malcolm Gladwell As An Educational Tool

The “Science of Shopping” is an article written by a shopping analyst by the name of Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm Gladwell began his writing career from publishing a fraction of his work through “The New Yorker”. “The New Yorker” is intended to have a target audience of educated citizens who could be considered either middle or...
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