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Becoming A Successful HR Manager

Let it be big or small, Human Resources Management have become a part that resembles the highest echelon of significance in any organization, in any industry. Having a goal of maximizing employee performance and their morale to meet the organization’s overall objectives, the role of HR Managers are becoming crucial day by day. Never is...
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Future Of Commercial Services: Sales Manager

Introduction Commercial services are what strengthens a nation financially. In our ever-changing world, commercial services play a critical role in any country’s economy. In fact, I doubt if any nation can survive without commercial activities. Commercial services refer to activities that facilitate trade. They are more or less aids-to-trade, such as retailing, warehousing, transportation, marketing,...
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Personal Career Analysis: Concrete Project Manager

The career I decided to pursue research upon was project management. A project manager in the concrete business makes sure all the job sites are working at a good pace to make deadlines and to ensure they do the work correctly. This field struct interest in me as I currently work for a concrete company,...
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Necessity of Empathy for Managers: Arguments For and Against

During the twentieth century, the evolution of ideas about managers and managerial work has changed, I will be explaining why I agree with McGrath’s statement in this essay. I will also provide my arguments on how and why management students should be taught empathy. In McGrath’s article, the three eras that she pinpoints are execution,...
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Diversity: The Most Significant Challenge to 21st Century Managers

Introduction In the 21st century, diversity has become an important component of business, particularly expanding in the workforce environment. As a result, it has become a significant challenge to managers of any level. Diversity can be described as any dimension or criteria that are used to differentiate people from each other, these criteria can be...
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