Mansa Musa: Wealth Of Mali Empire

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The Mali Empire

Did you know that Rihanna spends about $1 millon on her hair each year (Business Insider), Jeff Bezos bought a private jet for $65 million, and Steve Cohen’s spent $155 million on a picasso painting (CNBC Make It)? That could never compare to Mansa Musa’s net worth. Mansa Musa was the Leader of the Mali empire. He was also very rich, in fact some historians believe he was the richest man alive. He controlled Trade routes, salt mines, and gold. Mansa musa set off on a pilgrimage to Mecca in his 17th year of rule. This pilgrimage opened the world to the wealth that Mali empire had.

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The empire had left from the capital Niani. Mansa musa had a lot of gold too. He had so much that on the pilgrimage he changed the currency in egypt. He also stopped on the along the way to build mosques, build schools, and build libraries. It’s said that mansa musa brought 60,000 men on the journey. He also brought lots of camels, and loads of gold. He made quite an impression, giving people gold, spending tons of it too. He brought back stuff to. He brought back scholars in the arts of architecture, poetry, and teachers who helped improve his empire. Mansa Musa was the leader of Mali empire. There were leaders before Him including The founder of the mali empire of mali, Sundiata. sundiata was a great ruler and was very strong in religion.

The empire of Mali was a quite useful and powerful empire. We still use many of the things they used back then. This empire had trade routes, lots of gold, and salt. Their culture was a interesting one too. The Mali empire continued many small tribes but the people of the mali were considered “Mande people”.The Empire of Mali also was An Islamic empire. They built mosques to make room for more muslim people and mosques and palaces were their monumental architecture. continued many small tribes but the people of the mali were considered “Mande people”. The Empire of Mali also was An Islamic empire. They built mosques to make room for more muslim mosques and palaces were their monumental architecture.

The weapons of mali were a casual spear and bows. Swords and lances of local or foreign manufacture were the the choice weapons of the cavalry. The empire of the Mali empire had a strong, professional, full-time military to protect their borders. The military was divided into northern and southern militaires, The northern militaries under the command of a northern commander was located in the border city of Soura. The western military under the command of the western commander was commanded from the city of Zouma.

An infantryman, regardless of the weapon (sword, spear, bow, etc)was called a “sofas”.“Sofas” were organized into tribal groups that were organized and under the authority of an officer called war-tribe-master. The war-tribe-master could be placed in the same or different ‘Post’ as the tribe-master. The tribe master held power over the whole empire. They also had dutie, the leaders usually fought on horseback. The usual sofa was armed with a large shield constructed out of wood and animal hide. They also carried a stabbing spear. Bowman supported one spearman. Three bowman supporting one spearman was the ratio. They also used flaming arrows. These weapons helped them in wars. Another common weapon of the mali empire was the firing bow and arrow. This weapon helped their military fight battles. This weapon was the most powerful out of all the above. All in all Military was a pretty cool part for Ancient Mali.

In conclusion, The mali empire was one coolm empire. From their cool weapons to how rich they were and their culture. Mansa musa also was the richest man alive so that is a good point. It can be fascinating to learn about the mali Culture. Their food was a part of the culture to. It can be very fun to research this whole empire. The next time you think about saying “Jeff Bezos is the richest man”, think about Mansa Musa.

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