Essays on Market Structures

Questions On International Trade, Production Period And Monopoly

Question a) Define international trade. Based on the article state three (3) products that contribute to export expansion. (4 Marks) International trade refers to government and individual activities on the exchange of capital, goods and services across international borders or territories. There are three products that contribute to export expansion which are, b) As mentioned...
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Monopoly: How The Portuguese Transformed Naval Trade In The Indian Ocean

Although many major world powers such as Britain and France were present in trade occuring in the Indian Ocean basin, only a few countries managed to truly influence and dominate trade here during the sixteenth century. One of the leading dominant powers was Arab/Muslim merchants and traders made huge profits in maritime trading in the...
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Market Structure: Perfect Competition, Oligopoly, And Monopoly

Presentation Market structure is characterized as the degree and nature of the opposition in the market for administrations and products. Various enterprises have their seriousness and market structure which makes them one of a kind from different divisions (Gallego, 2020). This conversation incorporates four distinct structures of the market, alongside the short clarification of the...

The Oligopoly Market In Coal Mining

Introduction Coal mining refers to the extraction or excavation of the mineral coal, from the ground (Society, n.d.). The selected news article reflects upon how the market has been stagnated with the over-supply of coal, leading to declining prices. Even though thermal exports from the country remains intact, there is a predicted shortage in the...
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Oligopoly In Telecommunications Industry, Internet Service Providers

Industry: Telecommunications Industry, Internet Service ProvidersNote: Since the telecommunications industry includes telephone companies, internet service providers (ISP) and mobile communications, I narrowed it to only ISP for better explanation and classification. Before start to analyze telecommunications industry under 7 assumption, I want to explain what ISP is and why I chose it. An Internet Service...
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Difference Between Oligopoly And Monopolistic Competition

There is always a brand or two that takes the front line when it comes to producing and marketing particular products/services. Such companies are usually as professional as possible. They have a huge deposit of capital for their business, they understand the best strategies and apply it, they have the best employees, and they know...
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