Essays on Marketing Research

Marketing Research of Economy Cars In Mauritius

The marketing for economy cars in Mauritius is an important aspect. Economy cars are small, lightweight and inexpensive to buy. As there is an ageing population in Mauritius, thus many retired people normally opt for buying a small car in order to be more comfortable and be less stressed while driving. Moreover, as it is...
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Marketing Research: Case Study

1. Introduction The real estate development refers to a business procedure that includes the activities from the renovation and re-lease of a building to purchase and sale of development lands. In the recent scenario, transformations of construction mechanisms are one of the main mechanisms of intervention by the people themselves. People are expecting more better...
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Overview Of Marketing Research Essentials

An Industry Review In recent times retailers’ power and the demand of the customers are growing tremendously owing to the changing business and competitive environment. It has become necessary to maintain a sustainable relationship with consumers. There has been a massive rapidity in the consumption of cosmetic products globally. The consumers’ awareness has been increased...
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