Essays on Mars

Mars - The Red Planet: General Characteristics

Mars. It is commonly known as the Red Planet and is the fourth planet from the Sun. Welcome to the planets of the solar system series and today we’ll be taking a look at Mars. Let’s take a look at Mars’s physical characteristics. The Red Planet as it is commonly called gets its color from...
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Life On Mars: Ongoing Search For Life

Introduction As technology and its advancement become much more apparent, in combination with our deeper sense of curiosity, we have begun and will continue to unveil truths/findings to push humanity further than ever before. Humanity continues to question who we are, what life means, and as the doubts of planet Earth and its sustainability have...
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Debates Over The Colonization Of Mars

Science has been developing at an incredible rate, and with this development comes questions about the possibility of life on other planets. One of the questions scientists and fictions writers alike have pondered is the question of whether life can exist on Mars. With the developments in science the possibility is becoming increasingly more science...
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