Marseilles Elementary Should Ban The Dress Code

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Do you like wearing clothing that represents your style? Do you like feeling comfortable in what you wear? If you said yes to either one of these, this is for you. The dress code is known for shaming students, mainly girls, into covering their bodies. Marseilles Elementary should ban the dress code.

We as young adults need to learn how to express ourselves. We need to dress ourselves in clothes that make us feel confident and good. Someone’s personal style is crucial to individuality and self expression. Half of our mood and identity is in the clothing we wear. If students dress in clothes that they don’t like, they will be focusing on that instead of schoolwork. Our clothes help us uplift our state of mind.

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Why strict dress codes are good. The dress code was made in 1969 to help students focus on learning. A dress code helps to promote a good academic atmosphere. Dress code promotes good behavior in students and helps to not focus on clothing. Dress code also puts discipline on students for a balanced lifestyle.

The way you dress has nothing to do with exceeding in school. Girlhood expert Shauna Pomerantz of Brock University states, ’’dress coding students for being distracting is a form of victim blaming.” As dress coding as a whole, they will only discipline one thing instead of something more important. With no dress code, students will wear what they choose, but also stay in the lines of appropriateness with parents.

Students do not know who they are yet. They need to learn what is appropriate to wear. The use of dresscode can help enhance school and community pride. Dress codes allow you to wear what you want, but staying appropriate at the same time. They can find new ways to do so.

Dress codes are body shaming. Students can’t be confident if there are restrictions in what they wear. If you tell students they are out of dress code, they are just going to keep being out of dress code. If you tell students not to do something, it makes them want to do it more. Teachers say they are getting students ready for high school, but public high school doesn’t have much of a dress code. If students are happy with their outfit, they will be happy in school and grades will reflect on that.

Dress codes have been proven to help kids focus on school rather than their wardrobe. Dress codes can also limit social conflict with appearance. Having a dress code allows students to be themselves whilst still being school appropriate.

To conclude, dress code is known for shaming students, mainly girls into hiding their bodies. Dress codes are non expressive, and are giving off false information to young students. This is why Marseilles Elementary should ban the dress code. 


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