Essays on Masculinity

Masculinity In Beloved

Men are expected to be masculine. Beloved by Toni Morrison describes the effects of slavery on bith genders and although it is mostly centered around its female characters it also shows a variety of masculinity and the road of understanding manhood. Beloved is a complex book that is written engangingly (White, 2011). It is natural...
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Toxic Masculinity

Aggression. Guilt. Fear. These are only a few feelings that are left as a result of the wave of toxic masculinity. The patriarchy has confined gender to only one mode of expression, which is defined by the stereotypes we hold about men and women. These feelings felt by so many women refer to the socially-constructed...
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Masculinity And Fatherhood

Introduction The social construction of manliness is elaborated through traits, roles, attitudes and behaviors, which stress on the different gender roles between men and women (Levant, 2011). Therefore, the discourse of masculinity highlights on the identity of men through their roles and behaviors, emphasizing on what a man should be in society (Hearn et al.,...
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Man and Masculinity Versus Power: Analytical Essay

It is a Man’s World. The public and international discourse on the debate for gender equality is a long-fought fight, and rightfully so. However, equality largely focuses on the oppression of women. I have experienced and educated myself firsthand on the subpar treatment of being both a woman in society and in politics, however, as...
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