Essays on Mass Hysteria

Mass Hysteria Destroys Lives

Meghan Markle is continuously persecuted by the media and made into a scapegoat. Megan Walker compares the severe harassment of our contemporary society and how it is represented in the Salem Witch Hunts in Miller’s historical drama, The Crucible. Persecution victimises specific groups and people based on their race, gender, religious beliefs, economic or political...
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Mass Hysteria And Its Role In Society

Sometimes In times of stress or in times of unbelievable events, Mass hysteria can play a role in all of that all it really takes is for a lot of people to be angry about one thing. Mass hysteria can happen at any time and it’s been happening. All it really takes is a bunch...
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Mass Hysteria: Dancing Plague

In 1518 in France, hundreds of people danced wildly nonstop for days on end; many succumbed to the extreme exhaustion or strokes that resulted from this “dancing plague.” In 1962 in Tanganyika (an East African country now known as Tanzania), a bunch of students in a girls’ boarding school began to laugh and cry uncontrollably...
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