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Significance Of Mathematical Concepts To The Ancient Egyptian Society: Great Pyramids Of Giza

Over countless centuries, mathematics has obtained a prevailing aspect in the period of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. Mathematics has served as a surviving aspect in everyday life of Egyptian and enabled them to live in a civilised society with sufficient stability, and an extension of an aesthetic city. With Egypt’s prosperity, it is predominate evidence...

Mathematics In The World & Workplace

Mechanical Engineer Mechanical engineers are people who apply engineering physics, engineering mathematics, and materials science principles to design, analyse, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. In this topic I will cover: Job Conditions Day-in-the-life Future Technology Workplaces Pathway Job Conditions Salary range: $34,000 – $214,000 Median salary: $101,946 Working Conditions Mechanical engineers have a high level...

Branches Of Computational Geometry

There are 2 main branches of computational geometry: Combinatorial Computational Geometry. Numerical Computational Geometry. Combinatorial Computational Geometry: The most goal of this study is to develop effective algorithms that might solve issues in terms of fundamental geometrical objects like polygons, points, line segments, solids etc. There are many drawback categories below Computational. Geometry one in...
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History Of Official Statistics: Babylonian Census, Censuses in the Bible And Doomsday Book

There are two main sources of data, which are used to produce Official Statistics. These are referred to as Statistical sources and non-statistical sources. Statistical sources generally refer to data collection in the form of either statistical studies or censuses. In general, the early history of Official Statistics focuses on the latter form of data...
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Axioms And Laws Of Boolean Algebra

Boolean Algebra differs from both general mathematical algebra and binary number system. In Boolean Algebra, A+A =A and A.A = A, because the variable A has only logical value. It doesn’t have any numerical significance. In ordinary mathematical algebra, A+A = 2A and A.A = A2, because the variable A has some numerical value here....
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Number Theory: Diophantine Geometry

Number Theory, the study of the integers, is the oldest branch of pure mathematics, and also the largest. There are many questions to ask, about individual numbers and their properties, about operations on numbers, about relations between numbers, about sets of numbers, about patterns in sequences of numbers, and so on. Number Theory is famous...
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Statistics Used In Medical Research

The outbreak of Coronavirus Disease [Covid-19] has caused a panic around the world. due to its fast spread. Using statistical data, each country is releasing its own recorded numbers on the amount of cases and deaths in their region related to Covid-19. We are currently seeing the disease spread like a ripple effect due to...
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Analysis Of Fractal Geometry In Dravidian Temples

Abstract Architectural composition is a progression from large spaces to intimate details. Fractal geometry is the formal study of such progression of self-similar detail and serves as a framework to broaden the perspective and understanding of art and architecture. The case in study for this research is Indian Dravidian temples. Dravidian-style temples originated in the...
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Applications Of Linear Algebra In Genetics

Abstract: “I have chosen the topic “Genetics” to explore how linear algebra can be applied to this topic. More specifically, I will be focusing entirely on the phenomena of autosomal inheritance. My main goal is to show you all that how linear algebra can be used to predict the genotype distribution of a particular trait...
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