Mathematics In My Life: Personal Statement

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Mathematics is the epitome of logic, reasoning and critical thinking; the combination of these three skills is the foundation of the development of the world. From basic numeracy to the most complex equations, from baking a cake to the invention of the rocket. Mathematics and calculations have been the core principle of discoveries for years and a key into the unknown for centuries.

Throughout my secondary education I have enjoyed studying maths and hence I decided to pursue it further at A-level. I have participated in the UKMT maths challenge for the past six years and managed to attain an award each time with a best in year award in the junior maths challenge and a gold award in the intermediate. Initially when beginning A level maths I preferred the pure mathematics and the concepts which make up the building blocks for the rest of the subject such as number theory, however, after studying the applied sections I found that the practical applications of mathematics are just as fascinating as the pure concepts, both the applied and pure branches complement each other in the sense that applied maths is built on the premise of creating theories and pure maths is about proving them. This overlap is what makes the study of mathematics so compelling as it incorporates both theoretical and practical problems.

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In addition to maths, I also study chemistry A level in which maths is of great significance. All the precision and accuracy required in chemistry is very much reflective of that in maths. Studying chemistry has also allowed me to explore the practical applications of maths in further detail and understand how crucial mathematical ideas such as the use of logs can be used to determine the pH values of certain substances and how calculus can be used to calculate the rate of a reaction at a specific point.

My third A level subject is biology and this is a subject that has always fascinated me due to the fact that the subject has no limits. Through studying biology I have been able to explore cells and biological molecules which all act as the building blocks of life. Nevertheless, the maths in biology is still very vital although it may not seem as obvious at first. The production of penicillin and the development of chemotherapy all started with complex calculations to ensure safety and success. Without maths, many diseases would still be deemed incurable today.

Outside of the syllabus I enjoy reading around the subject of mathematics and its history. My favourite book is The Man Who Loved Only Numbers which is a biography of the great mathematician Paul Erdos who is a great inspiration to me. His work, particularly in number theory, is what sparked my interest into mathematics outside of the curriculum and encouraged me to explore the subject further.

Since I completed my GCSE’s I have been working part-time alongside studying my A Levels, working has taught me to balance my work life, studies and social life showing that I can manage my time and multitask. Furthermore, working has allowed me to grow as an individual and become much more responsible as well as financially independent and aware. Finally, through working, I had to deal with many customer service issues where I was required to show patience, attentiveness and clear communication skills. During the summer I volunteered as a math tutor for some local children preparing for SATS which was very rewarding as they have made great progress and working on a one to one basis with the children allowed me to really inspire them.

One of my proudest achievements is my DofE award which was very demanding, it required immense amounts of determination and hard work to complete the expedition, however, I feel the most rewarding part was the preparation which involved volunteering, physical and a skill section. For the volunteering section, I managed to secure a three month placement at a pharmacy where I packaged medication ready for delivery. For the physical section, I took kickboxing classes which I currently still attend,I instantly became attached to the sport and currently have a green belt and am working towards the blue.

My resilient mindset, and enthusiasm for mathematics drive my ambition to study maths at university and make the most out of the skills and qualities gained.


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