MBA In Commerce And Business: My Statement Of Purpose

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MBA Statement of Purpose

As both my parents are in the business industry, ever since I was young, I have had the chance to be closely associated to witness the world of business. I spent a lot of time with them as an intern during breaks, which helped me to manage my finances and learn how things if done right can lead to success. I learnt to invest the money I made in different products in order to sell them to people around me. It drove me to choose Commerce and Business studies at high school and graduation.

Gaining all the theoretical knowledge in college helped me land an internship with a Management and Accounting firm where I learnt practical ways to offer solutions for different problems of the clients. College term helped me attain knowledge in the fields of accounting, economics, management and to focus on extra-curricular and team building activities by representing college in interstate college fests and couple of sports clubs. Initially at college, I had played for the sports clubs then went on to organise sports events with other universities in the later years of college. Moving on to the professional front I have joined a big four firm to understand how corporates work with the dynamics of business, organizational behaviour, culture, management style, phenomenal operational discipline, strategy implementation and a tailor-made work environment. I came face to face with organizational structure and the changing team dynamics. Unlike college, the workplace was more driven by deadlines and client requirements. Working in the team, I soon started to improve on my management skills and was able to comprehensively improve my decision-making abilities in three years. I had the passion to look beyond the corporate job to start my entrepreneurial journey by getting out of my comfort zone. Started with setting up a restaurant by bootstrapping. In a span of two years we went from three to ninety employees with three branches within two years. Admiring the concept of a serial entrepreneur, not limiting to hospitality, I ventured into the space of real estate, smart parking and transport sector where I have invented a patented prototype which holds huge market potential in my country.

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The core strength of business is a set of financial decisions that impact the prosperity and growth of the company. This fragile balance requires a keen understanding of market trends and business needs. The idea of money is a means of generating new resources, intrigued me to take up commerce and financial studies in graduation. Through observing the ways of managing money in the business, I have gained insights into the types of risks and ventures are viable in different fields. So, attaining knowledge about investing and managing finance from the curriculum will help in formulating innovative and strategic financial plans for my company. However, some may say business venture is a gamble, smart investing is in par maintaining a successful venture. While business cannot run without risk, it can be minimized through the implementation of decisive strategies. The strategy is what I intend to learn and customize to my business needs. Running a manufacturing and production unit requires of in-depth knowledge of market, people, logistics, rules and regulations etc. I wish to attain these by choosing relevant subjects from the curriculum. The customizable curriculum, the flexibility of the program and the focus groups would enhance my entrepreneurial skills. Working alongside inspired individuals from all around the globe, getting the perspective of the industrially relevant studies and being mentored by the prominent faculty would ensure that my time spent at the university is in continuation of my experience rather than a detour. Adding to my mid-term goals is the strong alumni network as well as the internships, study abroad trips as well as case competitions, which would ensure that I get the best leg up towards my aspirations. By applying to this program, I hope to unite my previous academic and work history with new knowledge which will help me succeed in the future. Through courses in management, finance, supply chain and marketing, I will be able to gain a holistic picture of a good business practice, which will be invaluable to me in future when I seek to expand my business. The MBA degree will train me to push forward in the field through skill and mastery of business concepts, allowing me to succeed as an entrepreneur and a business professional. While I aspire to gain my dreams by completing the MBA from your esteemed university, I look forward to giving back in equal measure.


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