Essays on Media Analysis

Ontology-based Semantic Analysis On Social Media

Introduction  As of late, an immense number of individuals have been pulled in to social-networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Most utilize social destinations to express their feelings, convictions or conclusions about things, spots or identities. The primary reason for choosing Twitter’s profile information is that we can get subjective information from this platform...
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Different Media Theories And Its Peculiarities

Normative Media Theory Normative media theory refers to the composite of transmitting information based on social, political and philosophical principalities which organize the collected ideas and concepts in a manner that the prospective recipients are satisfied. The theory focus about the relationship between media and society. The theory is also concerned with the effects of media to...
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Printed Media Analysis

Introduction An advertisement is essential to every business that needs to succeed in the heavily dominated market operating under a competitive niche. Business success means that the organization has operational growth and customer retention. The benefit that comes with an advertisement is the increase of sales and profitability of the company. With customers being the...
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