Media Censorship: Positive Impact On Society

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Now a day, Media plays a major role in every field. Like, education, politics, worldwide news, reality shows, talk shows, programme etc. In short we are living in a world where everything can excess easily on figure tips in fact we are able to destroy lives through digital media. The easy way to understand censorship is “supervision and control information according to the society” there are different censorships forms like, Speech, Art, Books, Periodicals (published with set frequency), Films, Plays, Photography, Television programs. There are a lot of benefits for media censorship we can stop hate speech on the other side, harmful advertisements and one which is most important we can save our teenagers from violent and sexual material through censorship.

Many researches shows that we are constantly bombarded with advertisements. Some survey shows that approximately we get more than 15000 marketing messages and advertised in a single day. It means not all but, at least 3 to 7 ads must be stuck in our minds. Important question is not how many ads we see its about the impact of those ads on society because brain can remember things for long time so in this way harmful advertisements impact in a negative way this is the important and thinkable question for us that what we are showing to our children’s like, unrealistic body image.

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Beside this, advertising distorts reality and shows unrealistic expectations. Sometimes harmful advertising makes us feel that we are not good enough as we are. people get depressed because of this. Kellogg’s popular Rice Krispies cereal had a disaster time in 2010 when they get guilty of misleading clients about the product’s immunity-boosting properties, according to CNN news. After this (FTC) federal trade commission ordered the company to remove all ads which shows advanced child’s immunity with the percentage of 25 on daily need of Nutrients, Vitamins and antioxidants

The second benefit for censorship is people don’t get hurt because of hate speech many times famous people and politicians speak against someone even sometimes speak against the nation which is not good for the future so by censorship the concept that everyone speech is equal is arguably false. There are lines and words that people use as an effort to shut down the right to talk of others. It took over a century for those who has less power and girls to benefit a semblance of same rights just because of this type of hate speech. Even if it’s miles wrapped in the role models of non-secular freedom, the rights of the state, or patriotism, that doesn’t sell what it is to others. Censorship is the only thing which helps us to stop hate from world in starting. We live in a world where education, family, culture, industry, and more are help for the betterment of society. The method of restricting provides more equal opportunities.

Last but not least. Censorship can protect children from bad staff. Parents have plenty of labour to do in today’s society to protect their youngsters from unhealthy influences. Sex and violence is very common nowadays videos that kids watch, the song they hear, and the video games they play. Are unhealthy for every youngster, suggests that it’s miles dad and mom who’re unknowingly losing the ball. There is content everywhere, including objects that slip via parental filters and kid-friendly apps, which is good for kids. Children have fewer qualms about speaking with strangers online than adults do primarily due to the manner youngsters see the world. They have innocence, curiosity, and may they are lonely and shy. Censorship allows us to cut through the ignoring of ability threats so that a child’s inexperience and shortage of foresight doesn’t get them into trouble. By preventing people before they can act (or the child can respond) to a situation, we will keep everybody safer because of sure restrictions.

On the other side, regulation is needed. Many Internet censorship advocates assume that it allows massive media government regulation, one which is vitally important to legal authority. Some even feel that, at certain levels, the non-imposition of rules should have a very detrimental effect on society. Some of the benefits of Internet regulation for civilization lessen the growth of drug cartels and retaining the exploitation of kids to a minimum. Internet censorship is seen as a shape of control, and all other forms of mass media, which includes TV and radio, have unique administrative controls and policies in place, this means that that the web must be no different.

It is important to word that policies can cause more order, that’s the remaining goal of internet censorship. Virtually since the sunrise of television, parents, teachers, legislators and mental health experts have desired to recognize the impact of tv programs, mainly on kids.

In conclusion, media censorship has many positive impact on society. It the way to get away negative things our children. If media is censored so only good things are accessible for children because the internet without censorship is the biggest destroy for the nation So media should be censored.


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