Essays on Media Industry

Role Of Media In Curbing Corruption

The media are the lifeline of freedom of expression; freedom of the press is crucial. The pluralism and independence of the media are essential to democratic rule regardless of whether publishing takes place offline or online. The media have long been considered central, shared sources of information, ‘watchdogs’ and the fora of public debate. Thus,...
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Propaganda Techniques

Purposeful publicity has been a viable instrument to shape general feeling and activity for quite a long time. Since promulgation and advertising both offer the objective of utilizing mass correspondence to impact open discernment, it very well may be anything but difficult to conflate the two. Promulgation, nonetheless, deals in untruths, falsehood, incendiary language, and...
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Media Influence On Wrongful Convictions

 In June, 1989, up and coming film director Spike Lee released his ground breaking, socially conscious and critically acclaimed film, Do the Right Thing. This film, in and of itself has as little to do with wrongful convictions as the classic American literature novel, turned into a movie, by Pulitzer Prize winner, Harper Lee’s 1960,...
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WWII Propaganda

Propaganda has been used on both sides of the war from the beginning, but how did this affect countries in the war and how did it influence contemporary history. World War Two was a brutal conflict that cost millions of lives. What were these nations fighting for what was achieved by this destruction? The main...
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Censorship And Propaganda

Censorship and propaganda are two main influences on the uproar of followers during the rise of the dictators throughout Russia, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Propaganda is information that is particularly biased and is used to influence a majority to agree or follow along with particular facts or ideas. Propaganda can be used positively as seen...
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Consequences Of Digitalisation Of Journalism

Twenty years of social media and various other advancements in technology has meant that anyone with an internet connection can essentially become a journalist. Unfortunately, this has caused the digital world to become flooded with information. Trust and credibility have been tainted by the excessive amounts of news, fake and otherwise, that the audience is...
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Social Media Influence On The Body Image Of Young Adults In Pakistan

Literature Review The purpose of the study is to emphasize the better understanding of the social media, body image on young adults in Pakistan. In addition, this chapter explores how the social media affects the body image of the young adults in Pakistan and make them more prone to face difficulties in social life. This...
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Fake News Overview

We live in a world where all humans have access to post and share on the media. And we got used to believing what we read online since it’s on “the internet” but over a billion stories have been posted ever since the internet was invented and most weren’t credible since everyone has the right...
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Current News: Luckin Coffee

Introduction This paper discusses a very recent news about a Chinese company which was relevant to fraud. According to this news, I will give a detailed description of the fact, then I will answer these questions: Under American law, what will Luckin coffee face? What legal consequences will Luckin coffee face in case of financial...
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International News Events

The coronavirus and its outbreak worldwide are the most trending global news since the beginning to the year till now. Every month, there are reports of its outbreak and spread across the globe and the number of reported dead cases keeps increasing. But first, I will describe what the virus is and its effect globally....
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