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Memories and Amnesic Case Studies: Analytical Essay

Within this assignment, I will discuss how amnesic case studies and in-depth analysis of such studies have helped us understand more about amnesia and the brain processes that may cause it. Theories of amnesia will be discussed as well as analysis of case studies and their importance to our knowledge of amnesia and how different...

Analysis Of Amnesia in Movies

A synopsis of Memento Memento is a film about a man by the name Leonard, who is an insurance investigator and he has a memory which is damaged. The mind got destroyed as a result of a head injury which he sustained when he was trying to intervene in the murder of his wife. The...
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Associative And Dissociative Models Of Amnesia

The debate between associative and dissociative models of amnesia is long-standing and to this day there is no clear answer either way. Squire in 1991 proposed an associative model, stating that a unitary system can explain the way in which declarative memories are stored and therefore this model can account for the pattern of amnesia...
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The Difference Between Amnesia, Dementia And Dyspraxia

Amnesia– It is the inability to recall information particular to life events rather than learned skills, where memory loss is generally partial, although complete memory loss takes place in some amnesiac individuals, it is infrequent (State Government of Victoria, Australia, 2014). Followed by a traumatic brain injury, whether the trauma is physical or psychological, amnesia...
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Multiple Sclerosis And Its Effect On The Central Nervous System

Multiple Sclerosis Abstract MS affects the central nervous system (CNS) but exactly why it happens is unclear.​ In the CNS,​ nerve fibers are surrounded by a myelin sheath,​ which protects them.​ Myelin also helps the nerves conduct electrical signals quickly and efficiently.​ In MS, the myelin sheath disappears in multiple areas,​ leaving a scar,​ or...
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Multiple Sclerosis: An Idiopathic Neurodegenerative Disorder

Multiple sclerosis is defined as an idiopathic neurodegenerative disorder where the immune system affects the myelination of the axons of neurons in the central nervous system affecting the brain and spinal cord. This autoimmune disease attacks the protective sheath that guards and promotes the conduction of action potentials causing communication problems between the brain and...
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Multiple Sclerosis Research Paper

Abstract This paper will discuss Multiple Sclerosis along with the factors, signs and symptoms, how the disease impacts the body, treatments, and the cost. Five reputable sources were used to support and gather the information in this paper. M.S. has many different impacts on the body all depending on the kind of M.S. you have....
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Memory: Reliable Or Not?

How reliable is our memory? Memory is an attribute that everyone has, although it comes in varying levels and complexities. The majority of the population would likely say, with confidence, that memory is highly reliable. Although some may agree that they don’t have the best memory personally, the concept of storing and being able to...
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The Role Of Memory In Humans Life

Memory is an important aspect in a person’s life. It makes an individual capable of learning and adapting from previous experiences (, 2019). One theory within the concept is that of retrieval failure. The theory explains an instance where individuals are unable to recover information stored in long-term memory. It explains that forgetting occurs due...
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Investigation Of Episodic Memory

This study aims to investigate episodic memory, this is where an individual can give an account on an event or past experiences. One theory that was used to test episodic memory was the Loftus and Palmer (1974) study 1. This study involved 45 people who were shown several clips of different traffic incidents and were...
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