Essays on Mental Retardation

Intellectual Disability: Not A Burden, It's A Challenge

Our group visited Chinmaya Institute For Mentally Challenged Children. It is a residential institution which includes training for around 35 children. This institute aims to train the children so that they would be able to do at least their daily routine. According to science, the main cause for the mental retardation in children might be...
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Mental Retardation: Categories, Sign And Symptoms

Categories of Mental retardation: Mild Mental Retardation Around 85 percent of the rationally hindered populace is in the somewhat impeded class. Their IQ score ranges from 50 to 75 and they can regularly gain scholastic abilities up to the 6th grade level. They can turn out to be genuinely independent and now and again live...
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Mental Retardation: Case Study

Case No 1: Name Umar Father name: Ahmed Religion Islam Age 14 Sex Male Family status low class Address Faisalabad Marital status Single History: Umar is a student; he is 14 years old. He belongs to a low class family. He is studying the special education school. From 5 years he is in this school....
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