Essays on Merchant of Venice

Loyalty In The Merchant Of Venice

In the play, The Merchant of Venice, the reader goes through a roller coaster full of emotions as the characters must make difficult and costly decisions. However, Nerissa was the one character who stood out. In the play, Nerissa is Portia’s lady in waiting as Portia’s parents are deceased. Nerissa demonstrates a loyal friendship with...
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The Merchant Of Venice: Themes Of Money And Religion

For a long time, individuals have been segregated for their religion and their beliefs on money. The equivalent has occurred in William Shakespeare’s epic play, The Merchant of Venice. This play is about Antonio, a racist merchant, who applies for a new line of credit from a Jew, called Shylock. This credit will support Antonio’s...
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The Merchant Of Venice: Justice And Mercy

Antonio was very merciful in the end when he gives half of shylocks property back to him. This is because if he knew if he did show mercy, he knew that shylock was always going to seek revenge for the property that Antonio and the state of Venice stole from him. For example, Antonio showed...
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The Merchant Of Venice: Exploration Of Human Experience

 Introduction The concept of prejudice is strongly tied to the mob mentality; the idea that people can get influenced by their peers in a very emotional way, which may be the exact opposite way that they would act if they were thinking rationally. When this type of thinking becomes the norm, facts and logic are...
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The Merchant Of Venice: Themes Of Judaism And Christianity

The theatric text “The Merchant of Venice”, written by the acclaimed playwright William Shakespeare, explores fundamental religious differences between Christianity and Judaism and the effects of the same, particularly through the allusions woven throughout the play. There exists significant prejudice throughout the play, shown from followers of each religion to those of the other. Though...
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Defining The Kind Of Play Shakespeare’s The Merchant Of Venice

Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice is a famous and an important play. About the play there are some discussions. These discussions are about the genre of the play. What kind of play Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice? Are there tragic elements or comedic elements in the play? Or can the play be categorized as another...
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Merchant Of Venice: Marriage And Relational Commitment

Marriage is one of the most prominent themes in William Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’ and the 21st century, but it is portrayed as more convenience then true love. In today’s society many people believe that relationships are associated with love, however in William Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’, this wasn’t necessarily the case. Instead, this play...
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