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Do you ever feel like something is not fair? Have you ever been questioned about what you wear? That is what the dress codes do to kids. MES should band their dress code. The dress code stops you from being creative if MES changed the dress code it would help with behavior, MES dress code singles people out.

The dress code stops you from being creative, for example when you want to show off your new ripped jeans but you can’t wear them because they are ripped at the thigh. What if they were the only jeans that fit you? But you can’t wear them because of the dress code. When I look at what people are wearing, it is sweat pants, leggings, and a hoodie. Not a lot of people are wearing jeans or just a normal shirt because they don’t want to get dress coded. Another example is if you have a one of a kind shirt that makes you, you. But you can’t wear it because it’s a v-neck. You can’t wear v-necks because it is an agent of the dress code, and I get that if it is too low then you can dress code them. But it is not ok to dress code someone for the shape of their shirt.

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If MES changed their dress code it would help with behavior. A lot of the girls have an attitude in the morning because most likely they got dress coded for what they were wearing. For example, it is more likely for a girl to be sent to the office for an attitude. They get sent to the office for an attitude because they were told to change or to put a hoodie on. I know when I get told what to do or what to wear I get an attitude. I have a big sister and she likes to show my family her outfits, and when my stepmom or my dad say they don’t really like it my sister gets a little attitude. But why does the dress code mostly have girl clothes and not boys? For example, v-necks and ripped jeans, skirts, and small shorts are all-girl clothes.

MES dress code singles people out. For example, when you get dress coded most likely you have to change and they give you a baggy T-shirt and sweatpants no leggings or a nice shirt. Then you are left with clothes you don’t want and people could make fun of you. I saw one of my friends get dress coded for her shirt and they made her change, and people made fun of her clothes. She felt alone and bad about what she was wearing. Another example is when a guy comes in with a tank top that is cut down the sides would not get dress coded but if a girl came in with a tank top she would get dress coded. Why?

When I asked some of my classmates all of the girls said they have been dress coded but all of the boys that I asked said they did not get dress coded. I asked three girls and I asked three boys. I asked the girl what they got dress coded for and they said: “ I got dress coded for rips at the thigh and my shoulders.” a girl can’t wear a tank top but there have been boys that wear tank tops that are cut down the sides. The boys get treated more leniently with the dress code than the girls do. This is unfair to the girls.

In conclusion, there are many cons to the MES dress code that should be addressed. But until then this is my argument essay. I can change the dress code to make people happier and more confident in themself.


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