Essays on Mesoamerica

Pyramids of Giza And Pyramids Of The Aztecs

The Aztecs were known for and are still popularly remembered for their brutality and violence towards their neighbors and enemies. Aztecs are the name that western society has placed on them, but they actually referred to themselves as Mexica’s, which is where the name Mexico came from. The Aztecs were interested in architecture, music, sculpture,...
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Contributions From Three Important Figures In The North American Era

When an important historical figure is highly regarded they are usually commemorated with a commemoration day, a monument, or taught in classes for the younger generations to comprehend. The actions of a person can create an everlasting effect that will change the world for the worst or the better, and how we perceive things. The...
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Native American Resistance: Tecumseh

Manifest destiny. The belief that settlers had a God-given power and were destined to expand and move across North America. This idea is present throughout American history, and was mainly used by white settlers to justify their actions towards Native Americans, who were forcibly removed from their land due to the settlers’ thirst for land...
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Mississippi Ran Backwards Essay Summary

The ground barrel, the massive watercourse modified direction, and it affected individuals. That is the idea of this book by Jay Feldman, World Health Organization another the subtitle “Empire, Intrigue, Murder, and therefore the New Madrid Earthquakes.” That’s New Madrid, Missouri wherever the earthquakes documented occurred in 3 major episodes from December 1811 to Gregorian...
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Pocahontas As A Representative Of Stereotype About The Savage Native Americans

American culture, almost since from the beginning, is rather prone to ethnic, gender and racial stereotyping. From the moment English settlers put their foot on North American shores and contacted with the native population and later with the developing colonization process these stereotypes have founded their basis in the society and still most of them...
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Features Of Mayan Culture

Inside these most up-to-date number of decades, the Mayan culture has had such a major methodology for gaining our curiosity and minds that we’ve looked additional into the means of life. There are ages of pilgrims that have dedicated themselves fully to the expansive wildernesses of Focal America that have discovered coated urban communities, sanctuaries...
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The Reasons For The Collapse Of The Mayan Civilization

The polarised debate surrounding the collapse of the Classic Mayan Empire has divided historians since the first documentation of the magnificent ruins in 1841 that allowed the wider world to hear of its existence, and though evidence remains inconclusive, over the years several theories have begun to dominate and gather strength. These include Arthur Demarest’s...
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Pocahontas: How Racism Created A Costume

Can halloween costumes cross racial line? What is blackface? Blackface is a mockery of black people’s physical features by exaggerating the color of their skin, negatively enhancing the size of their lips, and making facial expressions that depict them as unintelligent. Besides blackface, other costumes play into historical stereotypes by sexualizing persons of a specific...
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Pocahontas: What Makes Her Different From Other Princesses

The Walt Disney movie “Pocahontas” is based on a true life story that tells how the English colonists fight Native Americans for land and eventually creating temporary peace between the two races, while showing nonfictional portrayals how colonialism took place. Within “Pocahontas” there are many views that challenge, limit or transform views regarding race, class...
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Spanish Conquests Of The Aztecs

The Spanish Conquistadors won against the Aztecs due to a combination of experience, motivation and dumb luck. The Spanish past of war and violence prepared them for any opponent, and their dirty, smelly country drove them to sacrifice anything for money and status. But the Conquistadors’ main reason for winning was the strong and powerful...
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