Mexican Migrants During The President Trump’s Term

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 During the first two years of President Trump’s term, a big controversy has been his views on Mexican immigrants and laws. Donald Trump is not correct on his stand when it comes to Mexican migrants and their laws. During this time Trump has terminated any relationship the U.S. had with Mexico. A big reason for this has to do with his bias opinions and policies he intends to enforce. Many people across our nation don’t agree with Trump’s opinions and stands when it comes to his foreign policies.

Donald Trump is not correct on his stand with Mexican migrants because not everyone coming from Mexico are going to cause problems. Many of the people Trump is referring to are the people that coming in to the U.S. illegally and taking jobs, bringing in drugs, and causing crime rates to climb. Where Trump and his party are wrong is this is stereotyping and doesn’t address every issue. Unfortunately for Trump and his supporters not all Mexican citizens trying to come into the U.S. have these intentions. As of July 2016, 17.8 percent of the U.S. population is of Mexicans or another Hispanic group. Many of these people are U.S. born citizens that have parents or grandparents of a certain race. These are the same people that have come over legally that Trump wants to deport and keep out. Overall building a wall will cause more issues at the border and in our society and throughout our nation than do good. Donald Trump is destroying his relationship with Mexico when he should be focused on building one.

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A big reason for this current controversy has to do with past events. Many Hispanic people and people of other religions or races in the past have caused problems that have affected our nation in a big way. After 9/11 many middle west citizens were looked at differently and discriminated against because of their looks or religious beliefs. After many acts of violence by groups or individuals from Mexico or other places, Donald Trump and his party have become “over protective” in keeping our country safe. Mexican people trying to enter our country should not be denied access because of past conflicts. Up until around 2011 the discrimination against Hispanics had been very low. The number of deaths of Mexican people and people of other Hispanic groups has increased. The numbers have increased at a rapid rate since Trump has taken his stand against Mexicans. There are many other precautions that can be taken to ensure our nations safety and allowing people to enter.

What Donald Trump and his cabinet should be more focused on is reviving the relationship between Mexico and the U.S. With the recent government shutdown and many comments made toward Mexico the U.S. and Mexico don’t have any source of communication. If the government is shut down and Trump keeps pleading for his wall the relations between Mexico and the U.S. won’t get better and will only get worse. Trump should be engaging with Mexico in ways their people can legally enter our country without the use of a wall that he plans on making Mexico pay for. This is bringing the U.S. and Mexico further away from communication with one another.

Many Trump supporters believe in his policies and ideas. Trump supporters see eye to eye in building the wall and or keeping all Mexican people out. What they fail to see is that this will only cause more issues amongst our nation with different opinions colliding. Donald Trump claims if he can’t get the Democrats to negotiate a way to build his wall than he will call for a state of emergency and enforce his policies. Many people think this is the only to fix the issue with illegal immigrants when there are other ways of doing so. Illegal immigrants coming in aren’t crossing the border they are flying or being snuck in. Making Mexico pay for a wall that won’t fix the main issue is a problem that needs to be avoided. I don’t agree with Trump supporters when it comes to his foreign policy and his stand on Mexico and their people.

Having a wall could help ensure the safety of our country. If the wall is built using good material and is kept up and guarded, there should be no problem in keeping immigrants from crossing the border. While the wall could cost around $5.7 billion dollars, it could be a good investment. By hiring the right people to keep up the durability of the wall it could potentially work in decreasing the percentage of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. While this would cause more conflict between Mexico and the U.S., it would help Trump and his party in their overall goal of making America safe and great. By establishing the wall Americans would feel more secured and many debates surrounding the wall would end.

Donald Trump is not correct on his stand when it comes to Mexican immigrants and their laws. There are many other ways this issue can be solved without causing controversy. Unfortunately, not all people see this as an issue, and will continue to support many of these ideas.    


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