Essays on Middle East

Donald Trump's Politics in Conflicts between US and Iran

Abqaiq and Khurais strikes on the oil processing facilities in Saudi Arabia likely represent the latest in a pattern of actions by the Islamic Republic of Iran to escalate tensions in the Persian Gulf. and the impact of this attack has not just been felt locally. After Iran fired 22 missiles at Iraq military bases...
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General Overview Of Saudi Arabia: Analytical Essay

The Land of Saudi Arabia is a situated in the middle east on the Arabian peninsula. It is a desert country which covers the seashore on the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. In terms of ethnic groups around 90 percent of population in Saudi are Arabs and the rest 10 percent of the population includes...
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Impact Of Israel’s Alliance With The United States: Analytical Essay

Having celebrated its seventh decade of statehood recently, Israel has grown dramatically in its population, capital, and military strength. Yet another means to evaluate the country’s development is through analyzing whether or not it has experienced a parallel trajectory in its independence, especially considering its ties to the United States. In measuring this, one must...

America In 1980: Oil Crisis And The Iran Hostage Crisis

With the constant economic and social downfalls that Americans were facing leading up to the 1980 Winter Olympics, America was dividing and the solution for building back that unity came from one victory; team USA’s win over the USSR in hockey. This event single-handedly captures what it was like to truly be an American during...
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Global Problem Of Iraqi Refugees

Introduction Iraq was once the cradle of civilization, where cities were first to develop. They invented aqueducts, the plow, the first laws, the wheel, and writing among other things. It began with the Mesopotamian leaders, Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar. Like other countries in the area, it is rich in oil reserves. Iraq should now be a...
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Economic Environment: Scenario Analysis Of Egypt

Egypt is a developing country, the economy is lower to middle income. In the world, it is the 43rd leading by nominal GDP and 21st by GDP (PPP).It’s economic structure relies mainly on service and industry. 54% of their GDP comes from service and 34.3% of GDP comes from industry. Egypt’s economy is emerging slowly....
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Post Colonial Feminism In Iraq

Problem: How did the United States of America use women to justify intervention in Iraq? Postcolonial feminism is a relatively new theory that is defined by Wikipedia as “a form of feminism that developed as a response to feminism focusing solely on the experiences of women in western cultures.” This theory is developed from the...
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General Overview Of Egyptian Culture: Analytical Essay

Introduction and Geography Egypt is an Arab nation in the far northeast of Africa. A small part of Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula, spans Asia. Almost the entire territory of just over 1 million km² is covered by dry deserts, which are part of the Sahara. It rarely rains, and its people could not survive without...
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