Essays on Middle School

Case Study: Current Issues In Middle School

NMSA Standard 3 Middle Level Curriculum and Assessment Middle level teacher candidates understand the major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to middle level curriculum and assessment, and they use this knowledge in their practice. Case Study 5 1). The think Great Meadows Middle School’s curriculum restructuring is off to a great start. The development...

My Middle School Struggle

You know that kid that aced every test? Well that was me, or at least until 7th grade. I never struggled with test, I didn’t understand why, it just came to me naturally. I didn’t every study, look over the work we did in class, or put in any extra work to ace a test....
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The Issue Of Having Pets At Dedham Middle School

I believe that we should be allowed to bring our pets into DMS or to have trained animal come in. My first argument in why we should have pets in school is that when for instance this one kid is having a really rough day and got in trouble. So what should you do? My...
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