Essays on Mind

A Painter’s Mind: Pollock’s

Introduction Any visual can provoke humans to feel and interpret things differently. Visuals can include more than simple photographs; they can also be movie scenes, sculptures, and even paintings. Jackson Pollock for example created many different paintings that people strived to comprehend, one iconic piece of his being Lavender Mist, as seen in Figure 1....
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Crunches For Your Mind

How many things are you thinking about right now? Are you planning out dinner, wondering what the capital of Zimbabwe is (it’s Harare by the way) while also reminding yourself that you have to pay that electricity bill? It’s normal for our minds to spend a lot of time thinking, reflecting and planning, but sometimes...
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Paranormal Precedence In The Mind

Do you believe in supernatural forces thinking they control your every thought and action? Macbeth murders King Duncan to become king then gets slain by Macduff so that Malcolm the true heir to the throne could rise to power. In Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth, Shakespeare uses the witches to coerce Macbeth’s fate because of...
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Chemistry Of Love: Changes in the Body and Mind

Abstract Falling in love has unnoticeable yet extreme effects on the way we function as human beings and ever since the dawn of time, people have tried to explain this phenomenon. Being in love actually changes the physiology of our brain and alter the biochemical balance of our Human body. We experience distress, anxiety and...
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