Essays on Mindfulness

Mindfulness: Definition And Implementation

Mindfulness can be defined as a ‘state of being attentive to and aware of what is taking place in the present’ (Brown & Ryan 2003, pg. 822). The implementation of being mindful allows individuals to prevent routines and habits that lead to mindlessness. This state of mind can lead people to act on autopilot, daydreaming,...
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Mindfulness: The Essence And Application

In the modern world where everyone claims to be independent, the kind of people who sought help and comes forward admitting that they need help is scarce. This is when we the health professionals’ step in to improve the wellbeing of those people life who refuse to initiate or accept help. Mindfulness being one means...
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Mindfulness Manufactured

Sitting still and doing nothing is as crude a description of Mindfulness practice as the description can get. Why? I’d like to quote a few words from wise old Dumbledore, “Of course it’s all happening in your head Harry. But why in the world does that mean that it’s not real?” The therapeutic benefits of...
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