Essays on Ming Dynasty

The Ming Dynasty And Inner Asian Neighbours Such As The Mongols

Did the Ming dynasty deal successfully with Inner Asian neighbours such as the Mongols, thereby preserving its territory and people from being subjected to a repeat of the Yuan experience or was it an ethnocentric power that failed to engage properly with its neighbours, leading it into costly failures like the building of the Great...
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Ming Dynasty Versus The Spanish Empire

The period 1450-1750 AD was a very tumultuous time. Many empires fell and were built during this period and many empires used different methods to rise to power. For example, the Spanish Empire began when King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile married to unify Spain. The Spanish Empire grew when Columbus sailed...
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China’s Role In The World In The Antiquity And The Middle Ages

China’s role in the world experienced some transformations from ancient to modern times. Some significant changes in roles act by China mainly appeared in the economic and political aspects throughout the three long periods in history mentioned in the course, which were the Antiquity in Eurasia, the Global Middle Ages and the modern era. During...
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