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Animal Farm is an important allegorical work that demonstrates the possibilities of a government regulated by the community as a whole. Power is united, and leaders are given free rein to build up particular motivation that can unfavorably influence the population. The novella metaphorically represents the events leading up to the Russian Revolution, the foundation of the Soviet Union, and its tragic change into an extremist state governed by Stalin. In Animal Farm, George Orwell was able to foreshadow the human nature of our modern-day society and describe the way in which we all abuse our power for self-benefit.

“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.”- John Steinbeck. Power is not just a tool in the hands of those who hold it. It is not a license that guarantees immunity for all crimes that are committed under the cover of that license. But rather it is a sacred oath, pledged by the leader toward those who placed them in a position of authority, that the power invested would not be abused or used against justice or fair play.

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When someone gains a position of authority that holds power, they tend to get carried away from time to time, changing their habits to adapt to a new lifestyle. George demonstrates this through Napoleon, one pig who ascended to the top, taking down anyone who stood in his way. Napoleon felt as if he deserved to constantly be in the spotlight, so he persuaded the other animals one by one to ditch their principles and morals of animalism, to convert to his side, under his rule. Napoleon slowly grew an army of “comrades” ready to stand and fight by his side. Before the rebellion, Napoleon swore he would always participate and work for the common good of the farm, but as the plot developed, he revealed his true colors, banishing the names of his former friends, changing the title of the farm, and creating a new set of laws to live by. “Napoleon was now never spoken of simply as “Napoleon”. He was always referred to in formal style as “our leader comrade Napoleon.”… It had become usual to give Napoleon the credit for every successful achievement and every stroke of good fortune.”(pg.93) As a result of his greed, selfishness, and longing for supremacy, Napoleon was not able to break the unfortunate destiny toward the finish of the play that was his very own consequence doing. Power can change individuals into the thing or character that said they never would be. Supreme control changes individuals and makes something new and generally a beast.

Animal Farm shows key importance in the development of today’s modern-day society as it gives a political and metaphorical standpoint on how people as a community activists. It shows how humans are able to deceive and change their ways in order to get what they want. The novella’s satirical storyline was able to use animals as a hidden message for the way in which we all manipulate others for our self-enhancement.


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