Essays on Modernism

Modernism In Architecture: Evolution And Principles

Introduction Before we can deduce and gauge the influential nature of modernism, we must first ask the question: what is modernism? The modernism movement was a philosophy, found not just in architecture, but in almost every aspect of society during the late nineteenth twentieth century. We cannot assign specific dates to the rise and fall...
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Comparing Modernism And Postmodernism: Literature And Visual Art

Distinctions and Similarities Between Modern and Postmodern Literature The first key distinction between modernist and postmodern literature is that they embodied different interpretations of what language was for. For a modernist poet, words, sentences, and syntax were there to manipulate in order to find meaning. With all its nuance, historical allusion, and myth, T. S...
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Modernism And Postmodernism: Origin, Features, Art Forms

Modernism and postmodernism were two literary movements that transformed the society of their respective periods during their development due to their revolutionary nature. In this essay, we will analyse more closely the existed differences between these two movements, starting from the literary branch and linking it to others areas such as those related to visual...
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T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land As A Modernist Poem

The era of modernism is a response to societal shake-up, the belief of a fragmented life, the sense of isolation, and a time for artistic challenges. I believe that The Waste Land, by T.S. Eliot is a perfect manifestation of the tendencies of this era. The Waste Land explores the turmoil in society following World...
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The Ideology Of Modernism In Architecture: Modernism Dressed In Glass

The Industrial Revolution radically changed human’s everyday life and society in general, by bringing low-quality mass-created products in homes, more individuals, industry in urban areas, and progressively social, political, and financial issues. It would appear that ‘more’ is the word that best portrays this certain state. Henceforth, architects of the time acknowledged the failure of...

Modernism: Brutalism and Sacred Architecture

‘It didn’t seek to be pretty; it didn’t seek to soothe.” “And it was soon the object of bien-pensant loathing’ continues Jonathan Meades in his reflection in “Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry” (2014), implementing Brutalism as a movement with its own distinct unapologetic characteristics and most importantly an architecture of effect. The essay will...
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