Essays on Modernism in Architecture

The Ideology Of Modernism In Architecture: Modernism Dressed In Glass

The Industrial Revolution radically changed human’s everyday life and society in general, by bringing low-quality mass-created products in homes, more individuals, industry in urban areas, and progressively social, political, and financial issues. It would appear that ‘more’ is the word that best portrays this certain state. Henceforth, architects of the time acknowledged the failure of...

Modernism: Brutalism and Sacred Architecture

‘It didn’t seek to be pretty; it didn’t seek to soothe.” “And it was soon the object of bien-pensant loathing’ continues Jonathan Meades in his reflection in “Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry” (2014), implementing Brutalism as a movement with its own distinct unapologetic characteristics and most importantly an architecture of effect. The essay will...
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