Essays on Monkey

Fantasy Becomes Reality: Human Genes Cause Monkey Brain To Grow Larger

Abstract: Researchers in Germany and Japan created transgenic monkeys, and found that a human-specific gene causes marmoset to develop a larger neocortex. The question of how many creatures there are on the earth is a bit difficult to answer. Although the exploration never stops, there are still a lot of unknown things. If narrowing the...
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Vervet Monkeys: Aspects Of Their Ecology And Behaviour

The Vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) is an Old-World monkey of the family Cercopithecidae native to east Africa. They are semi-terrestrial and medium-sized monkeys with long tails; the average body length for an adult male is about 50 centimetres and about 40 centimetres for female adult. This species is widely spread in east Africa and their...
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