Monroe Doctrine: Reasons To Sign

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The late fifth president, diplomat, lawyer, and founding father James Monroe who served from 1718 to 1725 or a total of two terms. Gave an annual message to Congress every year, the one being talked about in particular is the one on the day of December 2, 1823. The seventh message.

The intended audience for this document is the European nations excluding those mentioned which are Spain and Portugal. The audience can also be any Americans unaware of this proposal of leaving America out of the crossfires of unwanted citizenship. It can also be for other countries thinking that they can take advantage of the United States.

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This document was written under the illustration of informing other European Countries that are not Spain and Portugal, that they are a free country and they cannot be taken control of. It is to say that they are friendly and will be kind to each other unless an event happens that makes them chose to be not friendly and kind.

This document was written to give people the heads up that they are not one to mess with before they chose to do or not do so. To say that America is untouchable, is basically what this document is written for.

The Spaniards, Portugalians, and Europeans are mentioned in this document several times. While the Europeans aren’t mentioned as much they surely are mentioned a couple of times as they had a huge part of America’s past and they do not want any repeats.

I feel like the Spaniards probably neutral to the fact that they were mentioned in the case of Monroe never bad-mouthed them. He was using them as examples of European powers that are struggling. The Portugalians are probably in the same boat as the Spaniards, they shouldn’t care too much since they weren’t being talked bad about. The on the other hand are furious i’d assume. They were subtly hinted at multiple times when stating how we no longer wish to be apart of their political issues as well as wars.

An ethical situation presented in the document was new governments declared their independence who were just going to be taken control of like how the Europeans treated the United States. They just looked over their want and declaration of freedom and just did what they wanted to do anyway.

James Monroe stated that we, the United States, just simply stated neutrality to those new government’s declaration of freedom and have recognized them as free. We have also kept up with the statement that America should not have any change made to it from another government at their say.


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