Mother Teresa: A Source Of Love And Compassion

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Every day we all do a nice thing. Even with us not even noticing. It can be sharing a hug or a handshake or listening to someone while they are talking. Being compassionate is about wanting to alleviate another person’s distress whereas love is different. Loving someone does not need to be constant but it means to trust each other and feel secure. Or it can be about ourselves. Love can mean loving ourselves and caring for our body, soul and mind and not fitting ourselves into another person’s standards. Mother Teresa was a source of love and compassion. She spent her entire life amidst the downtrodden. She cared for them as if they were her own. Mother Teresa emphasizes the value of love and compassion through her caring for the needy and doing charity work. This inspires us to choose good decisions and live as a better Catholics.

In Luke 7:36-50, the story is about a Pharisee named Simon who invites Jesus to have dinner with him. A sinful woman desperately washes Jesus’ feet and takes care of him using everything she had. Jesus tells a short story to the Pharisee about two people who were in debt to a moneylender and one paid more than the other but they were let off and didn’t have to pay back to the moneylender. Jesus says, “which one of them will like him more?”, the Pharisee answers that ‘the one who paid the most.’ Jesus then tells Simon that the sinner at His feet took care of Him whereas Simon did not. Jesus forgave the woman showing the undying love that God has for us and because Jesus showed great love to the woman. He showed compassion to the woman by pitying her and understanding her and forgiving her. He is teaching us that loving others and showing compassion to sinners, we will be better Catholics.

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Mother Teresa was very compassionate. Mother Teresa demonstrated compassion when she spent a decade teaching at a school in Calcutta but she left to devote herself to charity. Her first job was to take care of a woman whose body was badly bitten by rats and ants and had a small chance of surviving. Not only did she demonstrate courage but she pitied the woman as no one wanted to take care of her due to the risks. Her compassion was stronger than her fear and she took the job to take care of the woman. Or when she opened a school, she had no funds but that didn’t stop her from trying and giving children education.

Mother Teresa demonstrated how to love a neighbour. Mother Teresa loved everyone and especially the poor and the needy. She loved God so much that she continued to work amongst the poorest of the poor depending on God for her needs until her death. She showed everyone that God’s love is universal meaning that God loves us whoever we are and just for who we are. Mother Teresa perfectly displayed this universal love as she helped out anyone who was a brother or a sister, weak or strong. She had a great gift which was to reach out to the person whether they had a title or not and go straight to the heart.

I don’t do big things to display the values of compassion and love but instead, I demonstrate compassion and love in small simplistic ways. I show compassion and love through simply opening a door for someone, incorporating the phrase ‘thank you’ in my everyday life and allocate time to bond with my family and friends. I show genuine love by nurturing my relationships by supporting them when they are down, when they need encouragement and include their happiness as a part of my daily to-do list.

To conclude, love and compassion is a value that is present in everyone, however, it is a value that gets forgotten. Mother Teresa displayed these values through her charity work and her undying love for us and God. She inspired us to live like Jesus and follow his footsteps so that we can live as a loving and compassionate Catholics. We should all do humble tasks and great acts of love towards our neighbours just like Mother Teresa did, who did ordinary things with extraordinary love.


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