Motivation Letter To Neale Silva Scholarship

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Distinguished committee from Wisconsin-Madison university. Through this I am addressing to you to request your attention and goodwill.

The purpose of this letter is to request the Neale Silva scholarship for Chilean students and give some reasons why I should be considered to won this benefit. This engineering and technology studies program catches my attention because I think it will be a very important means to develop professionally and improve my skills. Otherwise, I want to be part of the prestigious and renowned Wisconsin-Madison University.

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My goal is to learn as much as possible, interact with professionals from different areas and grow academically. All with the purpose of returning to Chile with more experience and in this way contribute as an engineer and be a contribution to society.

I’m Hernán Villarreal, I have 22 years old and just like the professor Eduardo Neale Silva I was born in Chile, specifically in Linares and my desire to expand my knowledge’s is similar to his. Actually, I am studying industrial engineering at the University of Talca, I’m in my fourth year and my qualifications are admissible (B). This university is one of the best colleges of Chile. I really want to participate in this degree program because I hope to improve my ability set, progress in different fields of studies related to engineering and to know more about technology and science. Also, I am very interested in knowing more about the American culture, to travel and improve my speaking English.

In fact, I’m very interested in the career that I study. When I have free time, I’m always looking for papers, publications, or scientific articles associated with the engineering in order to learn more and become into an excellent professional. My hobbies are playing video games, spending time with my family and friends and playing soccer. I try to prioritize my daily activities in such a way that my academic performance is maintained.

I consider myself a passionate person and capable of achieving any goal. I have confidence in myself and I know that I will give my best if I win this scholarship. I do not usually give up easily and my desire to learn and improve grows exponentially. My future goals of helping the community with engineering and science will be possible with this study program. It would be an honor for me to be part of this project. I’ll give my best.

….. – Industrial engineering student

Best regards.


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