Moulin Rouge Versus Great Gatsby: Comparative Analysis

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The film moulin rouge and the book the Great Gatsby share many things in common such as themes literature techniques and character personalities. The main and most obvious theme the two share is love. Both texts explore different forms of love, these include forbidden love, financial security love, the true love and circumstantial love. It is easy to make connections the Gatsby and Christian (moulin rouge protagonist), both are fighting for a woman who has given her love to someone else because of their better financial situation.

In our essay the theme of forbidden love and deception is really played out. Deception also plays a major role as a theme in both the moulin rouge and the Great Gatsby , in the Great Gatsby it is made obvious that Gatsby and Daisy are the two main dissevers and tom being the victim of their lies but Gatsby is also a victim as daisy leads him to believe he is the only one she has loved since their meeting five years ago this is not true as we see she admits she actually did love tom throughout their marriage. This is similar to the moulin rouges love triangle with Christian being Gatsby, Satin being Daisy and the duke being Tom. The love satin see in the duke is not one based from desire but one of financial security and a life of luxury this is similar to daisy’s relationship with tom, then In both stories the protagonist who has little money but is able to charm the beautiful women with words steals her away from the rich man who is seen as the villain of the story but really did show a genuine love for the woman. Both these texts make us look from a perspective that makes us look more desirably onto one character over the other and unless we take the effort to put ourselves into the shoes of the “villain” the story it seamlessly straightforward and boring.

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Symbolism also play a large role in both the moulin rouge and the Great Gatsby. In the Great Gatsby there is a section of the route from their houses to the city known as the ash heaps. These ash heaps are dark and a disgusting area that the rich are forced to travel through there and pass there superficial pity onto anyone who lives there. F. Scott Fitzgerald has cleverly made this a symbol of the American dream and what it leads to. The people who live there though they would be able to rise out of the ashes and achieve that American dream but instead they are stuck there unable to break free of the chain society has put on them. This can be compared to the moulin rouge, the night club itself a valley of ashes. The rich go there but don’t stay from long taking what they want much how the rich use Myrtle Wilson as a mere object. The dancers and entertains at the moulin rouge believe that they can eventually get out but in the end they are confined by how society has looked upon them and never lets them leave. Characters like Satine believe if they marry a rich man they can leave their poor life behind by seducing a rich and powerful man and her attempts eventually kill her. This reflects myrtle’s beliefs, she tries to seduce tom by offering him her body but he only sees her as sexual gratification and this lust for a better richer lifestyle also kills her.

In conclusion, the Moulin Rouge and the Great Gatsby share multiple things in common from specific techniques used to get the intended message across, character development, themes and symbolic techniques. This gives both text multiple layers and perspectives to be looked through.


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