Essays on Music Industry

Digital Piracy In Music: Legal, Social and Ethical Issues

Entertainment today is mainly provided by digital media. Purchasing music off of places like Amazon, Spotify, and ITunes are some the ways of gaining this entertainment legally. Using sites such as YouTube and Netflix gives you an option to choose movies of many different genres, but computer technology advancements and Peer-to-Peer file sharing have put...

The New Music Industry: Streaming Platforms

Nowadays, it is common to listen to music online using platform such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or even YouTube Music. These streaming platforms offer the possibility to listen to unlimited music online. The streaming technology allows consumers to have an online access to watch contents or listen to music. This technology uses flux and...
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Piracy And Its Effect On The Music Industry: New Solution

Introduction Technological advancements have revolutionised the way in which people of the twenty-first century work, learn, communicate and spend their leisure time. This is particularly true in the domain of music, where technology has become a presence, if not a requirement, in music creation, production, promotion and consumption. Such expansions have allowed for ease of...

Streams Through Which Music Industry Earn Income

The music industry is one of the fastest growing business in the world today. Many artists and song producers have given the industry an entrepreneurial approach where they have committed themselves fully for the industry. In recent years, the sector has been embraced by so many participants because it earns them good returns (Wlömert and...
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Major Challenges In Music Industry

The music industry is facing challenges through business perspective, the copyright of music, popular music, live music and the challenges artist face. For instance, online music sharing has prompted legal challenges and industry alliances, while raising significant concerns regarding the industry future. A study in 2000 reported 14 of internet users had downloaded music for...
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