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Rethinking Of Muslim Women and Veil

Let me tell you that I going to tell you the thoughts of the people of western and the so called feminists and Christians pop so what their throughts on the Muslim women veil and critisim made by them.. So I well tell you the some people who practices and experience the veil and study...
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The Ritual Of A Muslim Funeral

Muslims, followers of Islamic faith, believe that if you have led a good life and followed the Islamic codes you will go to paradise after you die. The funeral serves as an important function for Muslims as not only does it provide comfort for the living, but it also provides an opportunity to pray to...
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Analysis Of Muslims Life In America

If there is one group of people who tend to face extreme discrimination and social subjugation in the United States of America, it is undoubtedly religious minority groups. Muslim American Women in particular, stand out among the rest. The degree of orientalism that Muslim women continue to face in America has increased tenfold following the...
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Dissolution of Muslim Marriage: Analytical Essay

Islamically, the termination of a marriage is regarded as the most loathed of permissible acts. It is the last resort when all attempts of saving the marriage have failed, remaining married is leading to discord and enmity, and there is no hope for reconciliation even after appointing arbiters. Both parties are instructed to uphold the...
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Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961: Critical Analysis

Protection Given to Women under MFLO 1961 Abstract Ayub Khan President of Pakistan promulgate the Muslim Family Law Ordinance in 1962 on recommendations of the Commission on Marriage and Family Laws. It deals with the most important unit of society, family. It is protecting the rights of women by establishing the system of registration of...
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